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Edgewood Recreation Center Gets a Makeover

Tuesday, November 26, 2019
Find out how the 2020 Census can impact your local rec center.
Artist rendering of Edgewood Recreation Center Renovation

The population of the District of Columbia has grown since the census in 2010. DC neighborhoods are now denser, with population spikes in both adults and children. So, what can the census do to ensure amenities such as recreation centers and green spaces are growing just as quickly as the population?

The Edgewood Recreation Center is a great example of how census data could be put to good use. In the 2010 Census, the population within a one-mile radius of the Edgewood Recreation Center was 19,947. In 2019, it was over 27,000.

  2010 Census 2019
Total Population 19,947 27,101
Population by Age (5 – 9) 750 1,234
Population by Age (10 – 14) 767 1,194
Population by Age (35 – 44) 2,441 3,672
Population by Age (65 – 74) 1,112 2,302

That’s a sizable change since the 2010 census! And that’s why it’s important that we make sure we’re all represented for the upcoming census in 2020. We all want to continue to enjoy neighborhood amenities and welcome new ones -- accurate representation will guarantee that.

In fact, Edgewood already has a plan for its growing population, that will likely be confirmed by the 2020 Census. The recreation center will grow from 2,067 square feet to 19,402 square feet and will feature an indoor gymnasium, fitness and workout room, multipurpose rooms, a computer lab, youth and senior lounges, and reading room. Exterior improvements include new sport courts, an amphitheater, new playgrounds, walking track, a splash pad and athletic field improvements. Last, but not least, the new Edgewood Recreation center will feature the District of Columbia Parks and Recreation’s first rooftop farm, and a natural gas-powered generator.